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Welcome to Sargon Solutions

Hello and welcome! This is an exciting and scary time for us here at Sargon- starting a new company seems to be a jumble of emotions- both good and bad. It is an exciting time to be in the technology space, and even more so to be attempting to assist clients with risk management issues.

My name is Jeff Recor, and I am the leader of the band of gypsies we are calling Sargon Solutions. I am fortunate to know a solid group of individuals who are as passionate as I am about helping clients solve problems. This team has been together, through multiple startups, associated corporate meltdowns (here is looking at you Nortel) and a decade tour of duty through the Big 4 jungle. Through it all we have remained committed to helping our clients solve risk and compliance problems…and each other.

I plan on using this outlet as a means of venting, I mean discussing, the topics and experiences that we are confronted with on a regular basis. At times I may vent but the idea is to share knowledge so that other people can learn from our experience (mistakes) and improve their journey on both sides of the desk- client and consultant. I have been “doing” cyber security / risk / information assurance / eSecurity / whatever term is in vogue now for close to thirty years and I have seen a LOT. This doesn’t imply I am any smarter than anyone else- just that I have some really good stories.

For the obvious question…why is it called Sargon Solutions? The short answer is I am an Anthropologist by education (degree) and like many of us a student of history. We tried to find something easy and memorable, related to technology…and security…and basically a lot of stuff is already taken or has been done. We tried using jewels as the theme – mostly taken…shapes- mostly taken…anything with the word shield in it – taken…which then took me back to my roots. Find something historical we can leverage- and mold- to fit our values…Bingo! The Story of Sargon as a ruler, organizer, all around good egg…check. The added bonus is not much is known about this historical leader- so we can make stuff up and no one can refute it (yet). From a marketing perspective, this works (similar to Al Gore inventing the Internet, only without the facts getting in the way).

If you have any suggestions for blog topics please let us know. Long live Sargon!


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