IT Risk Management

GRC software vendors in the past have provided value to clients by enabling efficiencies around control requirements and control testing. The ability for GRC platforms to act as asset repositories was very limited, and it was even harder to link assets to their corresponding risks and controls. In fact, it was common to see clients measure risk as an outcome of examining design and operating effectiveness of controls.

With ServiceNow, it's now possible to perform a risk assessment leveraging a technology platform that can provide context by linking with assets. Organizations can evaluate new risks, threats, and vulnerabilities by linking with assets while still performing standardized control testing and continuous monitoring. Now organizations can establish dashboards and reports that provide a complete picture of risks while translating and communicating risk mitigation strategies into a language the entire business can understand. While many of the old GRC approaches were focused around gaining efficiencies by integrating controls, new IRM approaches focus on integrating many variables related to risk in order to enable better-informed management decisions.

Sargon Solutions specializes in assisting clients with IT Risk and Compliance management challenges. Our team of professionals has performed over 200 GRC projects involving risk and compliance management design and implementation solutions. Common use cases we see from clients include the following:


  • Risk program strategy and framework

  • Risk assessment process enablement

  • Risk register design and implementation

  • Key Risk Indicator design and implementation

  • Risk aggregation methodologies

  • Risk dashboards and reporting

  • Cybersecurity Operations (SecOps)

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Incident Response

  • Issue Management

  • Threat Management


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