Security Operations Automation

IT is under attack from multiple angles: trojans, software exploits, phishing attacks, worms, and many others have led enterprises to have to invest heavily in detection and countermeasure products. However, the analysis of the output from these tools is slow and time consuming, leading to significant delays in capturing the issue and longer again in deploying countermeasures.


At Sargon we build our security operations deployments on the ServiceNow SecOps module, enabling us to use the power of the ServiceNow platform to deliver the transparency and clarity you need to isolate and resolve security issues fast.

ServiceNow has built a first-class base for delivering enterprise security. Security Incident response, where most clients start, is very quickly implementable within the platform and offers a “now what?” answer when a security incident occurs, as well as an automated post-incident review (PIR). Logic built within the ServiceNow platform delivers more advanced vulnerability management that allows fast identification of known threats (using integrations with the National Vulnerability database and other market-leading solutions) and potential fixes, and has the option to allow very fast patching to counter a breach. The final and most advanced layer possible is the ability to link indicators or observed compromises to an incident. This is done using the threat intelligence module integrated into multiple detection and prevention feeds.

We deliver a complete end-to-end solution to enable our clients to have confidence in their IT security controls.


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